WhatsApp Clone for Businesses: The Seven Advantages to Be Reckoned With

In a context where the Internet is a very powerful sales channel, to best use the tools of customer care online it is now a necessity. In fact it can meet the demands, but also the complaints of its customers almost in real time, it is to offer a high quality service certainly effective for the needs of buyers.

The Popularity of WhatsApp clone in Business and startups

The new frontier of customer care is to offer a service to 360 degrees, able to help people at all times, using the themes of speed and the guarantee of a certain answer, and always available.

WhatsApp Clone

A useful tool in this evolution is WhatsApp, an instant messaging service very similar to SMS or MMS (because you can also send pictures or short videos), which for years is becoming increasingly popular in all smartphones. The service works very simply: you must be in possession of a cell evolved and an internet connection. The app thanks to the use of your Personal Address Book, you can send messages totally free which are divided between the concept of SMS and email. There are many other applications that run in the same way, but this seems to be the most widely used.

The advantages of WhatsApp Clone for companies

Some radio stations have already successfully enabled listeners to contact them through WhatsApp, but it is always a function of entertainment. What are the developments in optical business for the Small?

Use WhatsApp Clone

Confidentiality of conversations, or one-to-one interaction between customer and supplier of goods or services in a perspective of privacy protection. This means that issues related to credit or finance companies can be safely handled within the discussion.

Greater interaction between company and customer: the idea of being able to transfer media files between two people (or groups of people) allows you to have a broader view of the problem. An example is the case of a mounting problem of a machine: through a photo or video, you can immediately understand how to fix the malfunction.

WhatsApp Clone

Historical conversations: A view of Customer Relationship Management, have the listing of the topics covered by the same customer can immediately identify the points of greatest difficulty of it and the issues to be addressed more clearly.

Costs for the company: the cost of companies is virtually irrelevant, as they can reach easily to virtually all users of the service or the goods offered.

Easy to use: intuitive interface and simple application I allow immediate use and intuitive.

Use WhatsApp Clone

Mobility: The main advantage of this service is to be used anywhere, anytime, without having to wait to be in front of a PC.

Experiential in the report: we must not forget the competitive advantage obtained from the use of this platform. Again it is the rule of maximum customer satisfaction as the first step toward confidence in the brand and consequently the loyalty of the same towards their company.
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